Armadillo Eliminator - Repellant

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Armadillo Eliminator is a Repellent for gophers, moles, voles, and armadillos to stop these pesky rodents from digging up your yard and garden. Spraying a light coat of our nontoxic, Armadillo Repellent over your entire yard and garden will get rid of these pests. Armadillo Eliminator is easily applied with a hose-end siphon sprayer, and the effect lasts for months depending on rainfall. Do not be taken by wildlife trappers who say Castor oil does not work!  Do the research, call your county extension agent. Castor oil is a proven repellant for these animals and this is the best deal you will find for 100% Industrial Grade Castor Oil.

This is not a disgusting urine or excrement based product like others. Your children can safely play in the yard immediately after application. You will see a reduction in damage the first night after application. Damage will dwindle to nothing after a few nights. It does not harm the animal. Save your grass, shrubs, and flowers simply and safely. Especially stubborn Animals may require additional application.  Armadillo Eliminator comes with instructions in 1 gallon jugs Each gallon covers approx. 10,000 sq ft.


Armadillo Eliminator is not a product affiliated with or endorsed by The Scotts Company LLC or the Ortho line of pest control products.